Angel Calvo

Angel L. Calvo Garcia

Mountaineering and nature fan, I really enjoy working in the world of science and technology.
I am a trainer of what is usually called Information and Communication Technologies.
I understand the work of a trainer as a set of activities where teaching should be pointed out, consulting and preparing manuals.
I've been doing it for at least 18 years old. During this time I have produced technical manuals, I have been able to provide solutions to companies and individuals, in specialized courses, or also in employment training courses, in vocational training and other areas.

A part of the work as a trainer is also in the constant updating of knowledge, so in turn I become a student. This is where you can talk about the field of certifications, both the Administration officials, like those of the different companies specialized in ICT. I have participated both as a student and as a teacher in many training actions of this type, and it is undoubtedly a challenge for all of us who work in this field, because more and more importance is given to all levels.

Within ICT there are many specialties, in my case I work in voice and data networks, information systems, CAD y GIS. As an enthusiast of new technologies, I keep exploring.
I like to share my knowledge and my experiences. There is no greater satisfaction than achieving something new and incorporating new experiences..
Greetings to all.

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