Cpu load on Linux and other Unix derivatives “Load average”

Average Load've prepared an infographic explaining what the Load average on GNU / Linux , hope you like. If you prefer to see infographics in English. If you liked not forget to plus one on the buttons of social networks, I am eternally grateful.  

Parted Magic, GNU / Linux technical microcomputer.

Parted Magic Many of you sound the hirensbootcd tool widely used in workshops microcomputers, Parted Magic is a Linux distribution fits virtually the same as the hirensbootcd, It includes lots of useful programs for the repair and testing of computer equipment , and cloning tools and repair […]

PostInstall Elementary OS.

What to do after installing OS Elementary Freya? Updated 9-5-2015 Hi Freya has finally come and I decided to upgrade my script for this operating system. For if you have someone lacks him leave here the script of LUNA Click here. In this post I facilitated a small script that allows functional Elementary OS leave today […]