Mega backup: copies in the cloud in GNU / Linux.

Mega backup automatizado. I guess you all know Mega, the new service of Kim Dotcom the former head of MEGAUPLOAD. This service is interesting for several reasons, the main one is that it offers 50 GB for free to any user, other less known reason is that it has a command-line tools […]

Shorewall: Un buen firewall para GNU/Linux

Shorewall: Easy Network Firewall for GNU / Linux iptables've always wanted to know and I have found it very difficult to use, hence, when I came the need to configure a firewall which I raised was the easiest way to deploy a server on linux, response, Shorewall. Iptables made easy, so is advertising […]

KolibriOS the operating system on a diskette.

Long teaching a course Xurde, a student, was committed to connect the phone with a USB cable to the PC to start the computer with an operating system from the mobile, during the search for operating systems, one day brought me KolibriOS which left me impressed, I present you today to you to […]

Codeacademy learning to program in the web.

Codeacademy Since I have the blog, I realized I need to know HTML or PHP code, so I decided to look for some online course in which proves easier to learn for someone with very basic notions of what is programmed. In this search I found Codeacademy. http://Carries out a small […]

SCX-4300 Driver. Ubuntu Installation Tutorial. Valid for other Samsung printers.

Instalar SCX-4300 driver de Samsung. This tutorial is valid for all printers in this list.   To install the driver of scx-4300 will have to perform the following steps: Download the driver from following the link or Unzip el driver $ of UnifiedLinuxDriver-xzvf 4.01.17.tar.gz.tar.gz

Rsnapshot backups GNU/Linux cron (2/3)

Rsnapshot schedule the backup for automatic execution Rsnapshot backups in GNU / Linux. (1/3) Rsnapshot backups en Gnu/Linux. (2/3) Rsnapshot backups en Gnu/Linux. (3/3) The automation of the copies will be via cron. rsnapshot carries its own configuration file for cron in /etc/cron.d/rsnapshot