Course GNU / Linux in

I begin to teach a course of GNU / Linux in in for which I have considered the following objectives: Knowing the GNU / Linux operating system. Manage the operating systems in virtualized environments and remote. Knowing the directory structure on GNU / Linux systems. To partition one or more hard drives with GNU / Linux. Make install […]

Presentation on Android

Slideshow on Android have recently prepared a class on Android I leave the slide show if you, the you can use or if you just like learning about this OS.     Thank the following information pages: http://http http://http Creative Commons music for everyone.

Jamendo Jamendo Today I present a community to listen to music with creative commons license. Here musicians can post their works for free and download its audience in the same way. There are over 40.000 artists and more than a million listeners have already gone through this page. This page located at […]