Mega backup: copies in the cloud in GNU / Linux.

Mega backup automatizado. I guess you all know Mega, the new service of Kim Dotcom the former head of MEGAUPLOAD. This service is interesting for several reasons, the main one is that it offers 50 GB for free to any user, other less known reason is that it has a command-line tools […]

Codeacademy learning to program in the web.

Codeacademy Since I have the blog, I realized I need to know HTML or PHP code, so I decided to look for some online course in which proves easier to learn for someone with very basic notions of what is programmed. In this search I found Codeacademy. http://Carries out a small […]

Ninite unattended installation of Windows applications.

Ninite. Normally when you install programs after formatting or you install the versions that have already downloaded or you're downloading one by one the updated versions of the programs you configure and install in your language. This takes us a long time, know how heavy it is once you install the operating system installed […]