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Since I blog, I realized I need to know HTML or PHP code, so I decided to look for some online course in which proves easier to learn for someone with very basic notions of what is programmed. In this search I found Codeacademy.

Carries out a little analysis on this page.


Have different courses for:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • APIs

Each course you learn programming is divided into lessons , turn the lessons are divided into steps, such that each step you take is a very small step and so it is easier not to despair. The steps are very well explained and if you make a mistake correct and explains how to do to find the error yourself.

The interface Codeacademy.

The interface has Codeacademy I liked it then I show the current selection interface.

Course selection

course Codecademy
Course selection.



Once selected choose the course lessons.

lessons Codeacademy
Select lessons



Lessons in turn are divided into points. The following interface we can see how to work with this tool.

Codeacademy interface

  1. Title and route by which we Lesson.
  2. Theory necessary to perform step we need to exercise.
  3. Click for the year.
  4. Check this section of code add the code we generate in the years.
  5. Result: shows the result of the code that we add in 4.
  6. Press when we have finished the exercise to check if it is correct , if it is not offered to the next exercise, and if we do not tell us where in the code we screwed.

Beware when you text escribáis, is the best copy of the instructions and not mistaken a simple comma can not work correct.

The student

In the following window you can see the progress of the student.

Codeacademy student

  1. Student Username and Profile Codeacademy.
  2. Courses taken and state of implementation.
  3. Rating acquired by alumno.La used to motivate you to beat your score every day.
  4. Achievements. and groups to which you belong.


This website allows you to learn easily and keep track of what you learned in a glance, me personally I liked.

Conocéis somewhere ¿donde sea mas easy to learn to program? And if you prove your experience tell podíais.

About Ignacio Alba Obaya

Microcomputer and Technical Training for Employment. Lover of new technologies. Manager GNU / Linux and Windows.


  1. I use it in a while, I met a lot and has helped make me especially with python and ruby, mas nothing to give one initiation.

    I wish someone would be encouraged and put things in java, I know many interested (I'm doing one simple java MVC) the only thing is that there is a section for java…

  2. Hello, I did the HTML on Codecademy. Pretty good experience.
    Respecto a javascript, very bad. I left. It has many errors that do not allow you to continue with the lessons.
    I read an article recommending 5 sites makes 1 month but not finding achievement for other programs.
    In Spanish not get good Php or java.

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