Auxiliary operations IFCT0108 assembly and maintenance of microcomputer systems.

Auxiliary operations IFCT0108 assembly and maintenance of microcomputer systems.

Auxiliary operations IFCT0108 assembly and maintenance of microcomputer systems

I'll tell you things about this certificate so you can learn more about these certificates are usually taught in training for employment.

Course details

General jurisdiction.

Contents auxiliary assembly and maintenance of microcomputer and peripheral equipment, under the supervision of a responsible, applying quality standards and acting safely and respect the environment, following instructions and procedures.

Where I can find work if I train me in this course.

According to the certificate of professional work which qualifies for this training are:

This course from my point of view is to start training as a microcomputer technical training alone but only for a technical assistant in a shop or in the IT department of a company. According to my opinion it cursáis this course you should be on the ground with it quedaros, yes in that you should be training them to follow a course of assembly and repair of microcomputer systems or a course of microcomputer systems. Also be interesting to you to meet some networks before you throw the labor market.

The hard

370 hours 80 of which are in business practices.


Vocational training for employment and professional certificates.

RD 1897/2013 This royal decree last amendments are reflected in the regulation of vocational training for employment, primarily to the evaluation methods .

RD 1542/2011 In this the Spanish royal decree establishing employment strategy 2012-2014

RD 1675/2010 This modifies the previous RD 34/2008 .

RD 34/2008 Regulated professional certificates.

Law 5/2002, of 19 June, Qualifications and Training. This Act provides the legislative framework for vocational training for employment.

Certification IFCT0108 mounting Auxiliary operations and maintenance of microcomputer systems.

RD 1218/2009 Pages 6-38 in this royal decree professional certificate auxiliary assembly and maintenance of microcomputer systems are established. This document is the most important since the entire syllabus and certificate described.

If you're also interested in teaching Learning Guide and Assessment Certificate professionalism mounting Auxiliary operations and maintenance of microcomputer systems this guide is the National Centre for Occupational Vocational Training was created Getafe 17/07/2012 and is a great support if you have run the course, help you with the necessary practical assessments.


Books specifically for this certificate are several, the editorial IC has a wide range of books for professional certificates but have divided by training units that purchase books from this publisher for the course would for a 91.1 € plus shipping in my opinion are quite expensive also do not take into Amazon a version kindle as other books of this publisher.

The editorial Auditorium certificate also has books whose total value was given 70,21 € somewhat less than the IC publishing but leads to the key of which I gather that in the book itself brings solutions which I think is much better.

The editorial Rama This book has also certified a total price of 69,7 € to which we must add 89,7 € for the books of Professor.

Amazon also offer certificate course distance Publisher Euroinnova 250 € I imagine that includes a book and assessments through its online platform.

The books in chronological order according to the certificate are:

Operations auxiliary assembly and maintenance of computer components (MF1207_1 y incluye UF0465 UF 0466)


Mount microcomputer components and peripherals UF0465


Testing and verification of equipment and microcomputer peripherals UF0466



Auxiliary maintenance of microcomputer systems MF1208_1



Auxiliary operations with information technology and communication MF1209_1



Guide for teachers and solucionarios

Teaching guide


This is the appropriate certificate to start your training in microcomputer systems is very suitable if you have no knowledge on the subject as it starts from scratch, I personally would not stay alone with this certificate if no certificate to continue my education in the same industry for a career in the field.

I encourage you to step into this interesting topic of microcomputer systems discover it exciting and entertaining plus a profession to earn a living.


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