Índice con Libreoffice Writer, Video tutorial step by step and customizing.

Vídeo tutorial Índice with Libreoffice Writer

In this video tutorial I explain how to create an index with Libreoffice Writer by styles.

This video tutorial on how to create an index with libreoffice writer I created a while while attending a course, in which all tools used custodial lover I personally like the free software I'm using libreoffice preferred , I created this tutorial to try that I realized that the libreoffice can be used to create the same things that Microsoft Office, although the tool is worse reality is that for most people with libreoffice enough for them to carry everything you need.

Aprobecho creating the blog to relaunch the world I hope you enjoy and that you can be useful.


To create this video tutorial I have used various free software tools.

The operating system is Ubuntu

The libreoffice

To record the video I used recordmydesktop.

I used to edit for the video openshot.

And inkscape for titles


The music used I found through Jamendo

The song used is Lorenzo's music and is licensed under Creative Commons.
http://www.jamendo.com/es/search?qs=q=artist_name:%22lorenzo’s music"


The license of this video is Creative Commons.

Licencia creative commons para índice con libreoffice writer


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