Ignacio Alba Obaya

Ignacio Alba Obaya

Father, loving family and a passion for new technologies and free software.

In my career development mainly two jobs below a brief summary of how I present I understand every one of them or.


I've 14 years providing training for employment, in my work as a trainer has been an evolution over the years in my way of approaching teaching taking a turning point in the year 2012 when I receive the course of teaching for vocational training for employment. Today, my job as a trainer, It is what gives me the greatest satisfaction, to observe the developments of students, seeing as how they develop their learning and gives them new career opportunities. Among the courses I have done as a trainer I work primarily with adults, although this last year as most schedules are offered for children 30 years led a thousand hours of experience with this type of profile. As a teacher I develop my own teaching materials adapted to the new specifications of professional certificates, I develop my own evaluation systems in line with the evaluation criteria specified in the certificates of professionalism. In my work as a teacher courses for projects where the student is the center of learning and must develop their own knowledge, I realize this usually through activities such as this wiki in which students document their work to share with their peers and have a back reference for updating their knowledge once finished training.


Technical Microcomputers

As microcomputer technician I have since 2000 working in parallel to my career as a trainer, decidiéndome ,in 2014, to start my own business of computer maintenance. In my work as a coach I have clearly differentiate two branches as the focus for one or the other is totally different.


I like constantly improving systems to increase productivity. As microcomputer technician for company I believe deeply in the documentation of the services and systems. Since greatly facilitates troubleshooting and produced and simplifies work for any technician who is present in the future on site and increases productivity. I really like custom business solutions for each company and I think the cornerstone of computer design company today are backups and restoration. As a coach and as you can see from my blog I am a specialist in free software and GNU / Linux but as the market demands also know Microsoft technologies. I really like cloud solutions for businesses I think are the solution to the demand for constant updating hardware, and allow operation regardless of operating system you have installed.


The approach to home is a totally different approach, in domestic systems for me the most important is the usability and user experience, where technologies should work for the user and not vice versa, as this is achieved, integrating communication between devices (Pc, TV, Cell, tablet) transparently to the user, so that if a person writes a family video in the evening when you get home you can sit on your TV and doing nothing more you can enjoy it immediately or even their families can do at home.

On the hardware I like the customization of hardware based on usage that is to give the team and I think it is possible to design good teams adjusted prices while maintaining high quality standards, I also think that a computer has to be supported by adequate peripherals to use is to be made of PC. Also I think that users should spend more on counseling and hardware configuration because I think long term user experience is going to be much better and also hardware performance.

And this is how I understand each of my works. A Health for all.

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