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jamendo musica creative commos

Today I present a community Jamendo for music licensed creative commons. Here musicians can post their works for free and download its audience in the same way. There are over 40.000 artists and more than a million listeners have already gone through this page.

This page located in Luxembourg working in over 20 languages ​​including Spanish.

Since the 2005 This site is online and since then the number of songs and artists grows exponentially. Also allows artists, if they want, charge for their work if they have these be used with profit by paying the artists the 50% sales much more than any label.

Jamendo analyze page from different points of view.

From the point of view of the author

For authors this Jamendo offers the following services:

  • Storage in mp3 formats, o Ogg vorbis.
  • Streaming audio of single songs, albums or playlists.
  • Free hosting for artists.
  • Links to the official website of the artist.
  • Information System Commercial.
  • Only hosts Creative Commons licensed music.

From the viewpoint of public

For the public Jamendo offers the following services:

  • System and scoring recommendation album.
  • Create playlists and share.
  • Client android the iphone to take the music everywhere.
  • Create widgets to be integrated into a webpage.
  • An integrated system of classification of recommendation and albums.
  • Download single tracks or albums.
  • Radios topics (Rock, Pop, Electro, Lounge, Hiphop, World Music, Jazz, Classical, Songwriting, relaxation, Sound Track, Metal y Best of) .
  • Sharing through social networks.
  • Recommendation artists based on what you heard or favorite, and works quite well.
  • Create widgets with the music we like to integrate it into a web page or blog.

I personally love to use this page also to get the music to my video tutorials.

Here you have a widget set up on the website with a few songs that I liked. Avec not load the first pulsed F5 if not.


If you have liked you can leave me a comment, Remember that it is not necessary to leave the email.


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