KolibriOS the operating system on a diskette.

Long teaching a course Xurde, a student, was committed to connect the phone with a USB cable to the PC to start the computer with an operating system from the mobile, during the search for operating systems, one day I brought the KolibriOS which left me impressed, I present to you today so that you may know what.

KolibriOS SO Sistema operativo pequeño
Escritorio of KolibriOS

Have you ever wondered how much space you need an operating system with graphical environment, then the answer is KolibriOS entire system on a diskette 1.14 MB .

The system

Este fork part MenuetOS He is a complete operating system with graphical environment ,word processor, viewer, graphics editor, Web Browser, audio and more 30 games. FAT partition support, FAT32, and read NTFS partitions, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4.

This impressive distribution is entirely programmed in assembler, directly to the computer language that understands the hardware. More optimized code can not be. It is intended to run on computers with minimal resources.

He has over 10 games like tetris, pong,pipes or sudoku.

Juegos KolibriOS
Games KolibriOS

It has an ubuntu style sidebar with access to programs that are used more, a file manager to style norton comander, video and music player and almost everything that has a normal operating systems.

The community

The community of developers of this operating system is mainly composed of programmers from countries of the former USSR but recently have been joined by several developers speaking. So much so that in its Russian-speaking forum, English and Spanish.


The minimum requirements are awesome pentium processor , 8MB of RAM and a floppy or CD player.

And it's free, What mas can ask?

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  1. Well I used to use another assembler
    But that weighed a little more 1.6Mb
    Not much difference, just would not fit on a floppy disk
    It looks interesting and we will have to try . . .

  2. Very interesting.
    The only thing that leaves me a bit ridiculous hook is that considered include odbc and java. More of the same: stem the.

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