IFCT0309 Installation and repair of microcomputer systems.

IFCT0309 Installation and repair of microcomputer systems.

Soon I begin to teach the certified professional installation and repair of microcomputer systems. For this reason the present a summary of everything you need to give the information on this professional certificate. Hope you can help.

Course details

General jurisdiction.

Mount, repair and expand, equipment and components that make up a microcomputer system, verify the absence of interference between them and ensure their functioning, reacting to faults detected hardware and software and applying corrective procedures.

Where I can find work if I train me in this course.

In computer shops, as autonomous, companies in the public, telecentres, computer support or any type of organization.

The hard

510 times 40 of which are in business practices.


Vocational training for employment and professional certificates.

RD 1897/2013 This royal decree last amendments are reflected in the regulation of vocational training for employment, primarily to the evaluation methods .

RD 1542/2011 In this the Spanish royal decree establishing employment strategy 2012-2014

RD 1675/2010 This modifies the previous RD 34/2008 .

RD 34/2008 Regulated professional certificates.

Law 5/2002, of 19 June, Qualifications and Training. This Act provides the legislative framework for vocational training for employment.


About the Mount IFCT0309 certificate and repair microcomputer systems.

RD 686/2011 Pages 49-84 in this royal decree professional certificate installation and repair of microcomputer systems are established. This document is the most important.

RD 628/2013 Page 7 this Royal Decree, the square footage is required to provide this certificate change.

If you're also interested in teaching Learning Guide and Assessment Certificate professionalism Installation and repair of microcomputer systems this guide is the National Centre for Vocational Occupational Getafe, will prove of great help in preparing, delivering and evaluating the certificate.


Currently I have found that there are especially dedicated only has this professional certificate, books editorial IC, these books are separated by training unit and have a total price of 153 € if you buy in digital format amazon I may be 68 € but would not include the guide There amazon.

The books in chronological order according to the certificate are:

UF0861 Assembly and component testing (90 hours)

assembly and testing of components

Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

UF0862: Installation and configuration of microcomputer peripherals. (60 hours)


Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

UF0852: Installing and Upgrading Operating Systems. (80 hours)


Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

UF0853: Exploiting the features of the microcomputer system. (60 hours)

Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

UF0863: Repair and expansion of equipment and microcomputer hardware components. (80 hours)

Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

UF0864: Resolution of logical faults in microcomputer equipment. (30 hours)

Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

UF0865: Printer Repair. (70 hours)

Book Publishing IC Book on Amazon.

In addition to teaching this editorial also offers a Guide for teachers and solucionarios.

Book Publishing IC .


By the end tell you my personal opinion of this certificate of assembly and repair of microcomputer systems.

For me this certificate is interesting although I miss a part of networks, but it is true that that part cover other certified Management of voice and data networks the Operations departmental networks. This certificate with any of the above if you're alive and you're good, may be more than enough to start working in the computer world.


This post I have done and is sure to have a bug or something I had in mind finds no tell me and I will correct or add as necessary.

If you've done this certificate or you just want to comment and tell us, I'll be happy to read you, thank you very much in advance. Also be grateful if compartieseis post on social networks or simply pulsaseis in +1 is a very small gesture and I will encourage me to keep writing has.

About Ignacio Alba Obaya

Microcomputer and Technical Training for Employment. Lover of new technologies. Manager GNU / Linux and Windows.


  1. Perfect. I did not know there were books pa everything. Milk!!!. On the subject of networks, at best, can “necklace” some cosilla, above all, practical. Something like firewall security, antivirus…

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  3. Hello,
    Interesting information. You know if doing this then serves to validate certificate means fp? i how much part validates?


    1. It is the same, In principle this is a certification and qualification is fp, are not comparable , although the administration face both give points for both opposition and control access to certain jobs. As validations I think you should ask the office INEM, in the Ministry of education or work that is sure to inform best. Sorry I can not help more.

  4. Hi Ignacio. On Monday I interview a candidate for teacher of this course and would like to ask how much you paid basically. The INEM have been told that the course would 5h class a day for 4 the 4,5 months. Does that mean that the contract is part-time?

    I glanced at the BOE 10-6-11 where program and verse describes the preparation and suspect classes will not be plain sailing, namely, takes time outside of class such 5h.

    The truth is that I am passionate about teaching and if not above the salary is not an incentive, would have to think.

    I'll thank you to answer me and you will have your experiences in this regard.


    1. Hola Jose, contestarte split.

      Regarding the salary varies greatly depending on the company you so you work it's the best your values ​​if you worth working for the salary they offer in my case whenever I reached an agreement with a company have done the job the best I've known.
      The contract is usually half-time but there are companies that hire you as an independent look at it right conditions change much.
      I quite slow classes in preparing 2 daily hours is normal for me and that I've been 14 years providing training in hardware but maybe I can help the wiki that students have made in my last course , there are lots of interesting information. https://microinformatico.wikispaces.com/. You should also use the tutorial that indicated in the post is a fantastic job and will have save many hours of work.
      In my teaching if I passionate about which is a plus for me going with a smile every time I get to class. Also thought to be a slight course as there are many hours of workshop. The only problem for me is the amount of documentation you have to build from the launch of the new certificates of professionalism.
      I can only speak positively of my experience as a trainer, no little satisfaction that I like more than when I see a student after years and tells me that because of what he learned in my classes are working, makes me feel proud of my work.

      If you need something but do not have more to comment and thanks for reading.

  5. Ignacio Hello again and thank you very much for your answer as detailed.

    As well as he asked you to friend (computer engineer like me) he taught courses this style (although this particular) and told me they were highly paid. He told me of a 2000-3000 Time pts (we are talking about when “Spain was well”… While corrupt, clear). It will make a 15 years of this and it worked for FOREM (CC.OO.). By accounts, between me dirty 1200 and 1800 € al mes. Will there or shots these days that's a utopia?

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