Moodle portable. Installation Tutorial.

Moodle Portable







Moodle is a learning platform popular among trainers and educators. It can be used for a teacher from to save and store your documents in an orderly or as an online platform with a university crowd of students and courses.

I use it in some courses for students to do some practical using this platform or hanging material so that students can download, but lately I use Schoology for this purpose.

In this video tutorial I show you how to install a portable moodle server Xampp (Apache, mysql, PHP, Perl) on a flash drive so you can run it on any computer and bring you this magnificent tool anywhere.

If you combine this tool with you Portableapps You can launch the moodle from the menu in this application.

Remember that to access this application Tene to access the address



To create this video tutorial I have used various free software tools.

The operating system is Windows 8



To record the video I used camstudio.

I used to edit for the video openshot.

And inkscape for titles


The music used I found through Jamendo

The song used is Lorenzo's music and is licensed under Creative Commons.’s music"


The license of this video is Creative Commons.

Licencia creative commons para índice con libreoffice writer


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