Ninite unattended installation of Windows applications.


Normally when you install programs after formatting or you install the versions that have already downloaded or you're downloading one by one the updated versions of the programs you configure and install in your language. This takes us a long time, know how heavy it is after the operating system installed install all necessary applications to leave the functional system. Today I present a system that will allow us has to install 91 unattended applications, all at the same time and if one click installation once launched. How many hours of facilities have saved me this software, do not know, but I assure you many. Ninite also does not put any adware on my computer which is an advantage over services such as Sourceforge or Softonic.

Ninite unattended windows aplicaiones

Ninite lets you perform the following functions:

  • Unattended installation with default values.
  • Installing the latest versions to date.
  • Installation in our language automatically.
  • Download programs from official sites.
  • Auto detection architecture 64 the 32 bits.
  • Disappointing programs already installed and updated.
  • In the paid version plus all software updates automatically whenever new versions come out.
  • Version also allows centralized monitoring of the software update to 100 tu red machines.

This fantastic service is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 y Windows 8. It also has version for GNU / Linux but I do not see much needed since all this already do by default most distributions (Debian, Ububtu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Linux Mint, etc.)

A screenshot of the pro version from their website.

Ninite PRO

Web service.


I hope he likes it comentarme service sois so kind that will like. To add comments you need not do them the mail.

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  1. Very good this application, did not know. Perhaps, if something can be blamed on the list is that it offers are not all essential. ¿Y CCleaner?. I guess for legal problems.

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