Cpu load on Linux and other Unix derivatives “Load average”

Average Load've prepared an infographic explaining what the Load average on GNU / Linux , hope you like. If you prefer to see infographics in English. If you liked not forget to plus one on the buttons of social networks, I am eternally grateful.  

Parted Magic, GNU / Linux technical microcomputer.

Parted Magic Many of you sound the hirensbootcd tool widely used in workshops microcomputers, Parted Magic is a Linux distribution fits virtually the same as the hirensbootcd, It includes lots of useful programs for the repair and testing of computer equipment , and cloning tools and repair […]

PostInstall Elementary OS.

What to do after installing OS Elementary Freya? Updated 9-5-2015 Hi Freya has finally come and I decided to upgrade my script for this operating system. For if you have someone lacks him leave here the script of LUNA Click here. In this post I facilitated a small script that allows functional Elementary OS leave today […]

Auxiliary operations IFCT0108 assembly and maintenance of microcomputer systems.

Auxiliary operations IFCT0108 assembly and maintenance of microcomputer systems. I'll tell you things about this certificate so you can learn more about these certificates are usually taught in training for employment. General Competence Course details. Contents auxiliary assembly and maintenance of microcomputer and peripheral equipment, under the […]

Mega backup: copies in the cloud in GNU / Linux.

Mega backup automatizado. I guess you all know Mega, the new service of Kim Dotcom the former head of MEGAUPLOAD. This service is interesting for several reasons, the main one is that it offers 50 GB for free to any user, other less known reason is that it has a command-line tools […]

Presentation on Android

Slideshow on Android have recently prepared a class on Android I leave the slide show if you, the you can use or if you just like learning about this OS.     Thank the following information pages: http://www.elandroidelibre.com/ http://http www.htcmania.com/://www.xda-developers.com/ http://http androidzone.org/://andro4all.com/ http://www.htcspain.com/ http://www.androidpit.es/