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Parted Magic

Parted magic, logo, reparar ordenador, distribucion de reparacion.
A lot of you sound tool hirensbootcd widely used in micro-workshops, Parted Magic is a Linux distribution that fits virtually the same as the hirensbootcd, includes lots of very useful programs for testing and repair of computer equipment , and tools cloning and repair hard drives and is also free software.
The table includes everything needed to surf the Internet, even allows to download and run Java. Furthermore allows browse tu hard drive to extract data cuando tu operating system works.

I've been using this tool for years and I can tell you that I found it very useful throughout my professional life.

Download Parted Magic

Comment that since last year download from the official website this distribution ask aid from 8 €, you can pay by PayPal or credit card, you can also order on CD anywhere in the world for € 10.5 or USB 8GB for 20 €, personally, for me I just downloaded a version a year, it's a small price to performance I draw him, enplean help to promote the development of integrated aplicacinones parted magic in forum can see that donations made as projects, even so, yes sois of them that you can enjoy free descargaros it last free version the searching the internet , you also have the option of taking the code and your own distribution compilaros, mind ;). I have personally bought the CD and I've downloaded, Here I leave the original signed cover art.

PartedMagic CD



Put parted magic on a CD or USB

Once you have downloaded the ISO image of the CD we have to do is pass it to a CD or a USB.

Pass the iso image to a CD

  • Desde Windows
    The program ImgBurn remember that you can install from the Ninite
  • From linux
    Yo personally Utilisation brazier but you can use the tool to take your distribution.

Pass the iso image to a USB

Both linux and windows use the same software to put an ISO on a USB Unetbooting Tene one here Videotutorial.

What Parted Magic contains.

Parted Magic Desktop, Escritorio, GUI PartedMagic.
Parted Magic Desk

Boot Options.

Boot Options
  • Defalut settings 32 (Runs from RAM) For systems 32 bits with at least 1GB of RAM
  • Defalut settings 64 (Runs from RAM) For systems 64 bits with at least 1GB of RAM
  • +Language (My favorite with 1GB of RAM or more) Here we can choose language and if we want a system 32 the 64 bits.
  • Live with default settings 32 For systems 32 bits with at least 512MB of RAM
  • Live with default settings 64 For systems 64 bits with at least 512MB of RAM
  • +Language (for 512 MB or more) Here we can choose language for systems between 512MB and 1 GB of RAM and if we want a system 32 the 64 bits.
  • Local Boot Rountimes Menu The most interesting from my point of view on this menu is the Plop Boot Manager allowing things like booting from a flash drive on computers that support for it in the BIOS install Windows 7 on older machines that give the error CODE 5.

Extras Menu

Parted Magic, software, menu


  • HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) Tool that we list the hardware included in the kit.
  • Mentest86 The more used to check the status of RAM tool Teams.
  • Super Grub Disk y Super grub2 Disk Tools to repair the bootloader GNU / Linux.
  • MHDD Fantastic tool that allows unlock hard drives, low-level formatting the disk, work with the MBR or recover bad sectors.
  • Clonezilla 32 the 64 To clone hard drives locally in the red.
  • Saying 32 the 64 Tool secure deletion of hard disks.

This section provides a summary of the tools from my point of view is more interesting I will make this distribution, but the reality is that the tool list It is very long and after years of using this distribution still in control all the tools included.

Disk Management

GParted for me one of the best managers of MBR and GPT partition support for new systems.

Gparted, Parted Magic, partición, Cambiar tamaño partición
Gparted Partition Manager



Hardware, identificación de hardware, Partedmagic, Aplicaciones y sistemas.
System Profiler and Benchmarking allows to know the hardware on your PC.

System Profiler and Benchmarking Tool that identifies all the hardware that is in the PC , similar al Aida64.

Test de estres, estabilidad del sistema.
System Stability Tester Test stress from outside the operating system.

System Stability Tester for my major allows a stress test the system to try to cause a failure while I put, I monitor temperatures team with Psensor.

Cloning and Imaging

Clonezilla 32 the 64 To clone hard drives locally in the red.

Copia de seguridad, Backup, Redo, Copias en red, Utilidades.
Redo Backup Disk cloning locally networked easily and.

Redo Backup It is a tool for cloning hard drives locally or network which is very easy to use.

System Information

Graphical Disk Map Lets see graphically where the files of a hard drive are very useful if you do not know where you got the files take up a lot of disk.

Graphical Temperature Monitor (Psensor) This tool Parted Magic use it a lot to monitor temperatures in the team especially in portable.

Psensor, temperaturas pc, monitorizacion de temperaturas
Psensor monitors your system temperatures.

Hard Disk Health Inspection (Gsmartcontrol) Lets you check the physical condition of your very important to know if a hard drive is damaged or you need to update the hard drive firmware.

Smart, gsmartcontrol, disco duro, hard disk, Parted Magic.
Disk Health shows whether a hard drive is damaged.

File Manager

File Manager lets you browse files on your hard disk, useful for extracting a document quickly if the computer's operating system does not work.

Parted Magic, administrador de archivos, file manager.
The file manager Parted Magiic


Download ClamAV Definitions. To update the ClamAV antivirus carrying the Parted Magic incorporated.

Rsync with GUI (GRsync) For me one of the most important within this distribution utilities allows me to synchronize files, I use it to save data from hard drives because if the hard drive is damaged it allows me to copy those data that are fine and it gives me a list of those that have not been copied that I can print to the client telling him what data could not be copied save.

grsync, parted magic, reparar ordenador, salvar datos, recuperar datos.
Grsync to synchronize folders.



PhotoRec Program to recover deleted data on a hard drive.

Reset Windows Password (PC Login Now 2.0) Program muy facil to remove Windows password.


borrar password de windows, borrar password, recuperar contraseña, acceder a windows sin contraseña
Program to remove password from windows

Testdisk Another key programs of this distribution allows to recover partitions even after they are formatted. Useful for external disks that can not be accessed by who lost the partition table.


For me these are the tools I use Parted Magic that more still there are many more you can try to discover them yourself. I would encourage you to use this tool so well has given me over time.

Greetings to all and do not forget to give +1 or I like social networks and share if you liked the post. Thank you all :).

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