Want to know if you have virus in your Windows, o no?

Process Explorer virustotal

Today, the probability that a malware strain on your system is very high, for example searching the US database software vulnerabilities I am meeting in 3 recent months there 1760 found vulnerabilities, 1760 ways to sneak your operating system and these are only known. Software programmers have a lot of work to get updates that solve these problems and you have to update all your software so that it can not take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

The virus programmers have a lot of work and often can not stop all the methods used by malware infection as seen in the last comparativa del av-test. Hence arise initiatives like virustotal.com which it is a website developed in Spain that analyzes files and websites by 56 antivirus online diferentes.

How I can know if I have a virus on my computer?

The mess, to know if we use virus process explorer It is a tool Sysinternals a company of microsoft, the tool is
free and is designed to replace the task manager but is not necessary. Let's see how to use it.

Conseguir Process Explorer

Disclaimer pressing the Process Explorer here or from web.

Download process explorer

Unzip the downloaded zip file.

Process Explorer descarga

Run the program as an administrator.

Right>Run as administrator

Administrador Process Explorer ViirusTotal

Virustotal activated in Process Explorer

We check the processes that are running on virustotal.com , 56 antivirus mas o menos.

Options>Virustotal.com>Check VirusTotal.com

Virustotal Process Explorer



Resultados de VirusTotal.com en Process Explorer.

Virustotal Resultados en Process Explorer

If a process is positive in VirusTotal you put it in red and shows you the number of virus that give it as positive.

Now you know if you have known virus or not on your system. If you can follow the recommendations of this post

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