Recipe Baked graphics card.

Baked Graphics Card.

Hey guys today I bring a rich rich recipe.
This dish was recommended by my good friend Cesar. The graphics card baked is one of the recipes I like to cook. I do it to simmer, step of using the pressure cooker in the recipe. In fact I have no idea how would the graphics card in this gadget.

Occurs as in most traditional recipes, in every house there is a way to develop the graphics card in the oven. Purists will not put anything in place of flux (this more juicy and tender last, but less strongly flavored), you will always cling film, I prefer paper albal.

It is a suitable recipe for when we have a computer screen shows an image ARTIFACS like this.

graphics card to artifacs oven

This is usually caused by memory welds are outdated and in disrepair.
I tell you how to prepare this wonderful recipe.

Ingredients 1 person graphics card in the oven.

  • A graphics card with artifacts (Artifacts??).
  • A boat FLOW, (Groovy name of a material is defined in an internet forum known as: “boat is a transparent liquid similar to those of tipex and serves to attract the point of tin soldadula”)
  • Una jeringilla. (“Small syringe in which a hollow needle sharp point cut bezel plugs” this definition is SAR)
  • A refractory oven tray. (I use a glass, to be contrary)
  • A roll of aluminum foil.
  • And castanets. (to entertain you while you wait.)

fluxtarjeta syringe graphic to artifacs oven albal


The first thing that we do not forget is to put the oven to preheat to 190 ºC, This is recommended if you do not want to spend much time playing the castanet.

In baking a layer of aluminum foil to cover the edges and in the middle put four balls of aluminum foil the size of a marble of fat, more or less like a crazy ball of small, as seen in the image.

graphics card tray oven to oven artifacs

The next step is to clean the graphics card, Take the syringe and fill it with FLUX.

3 syringe oven graphics card to artifacs

Then put flux on memory chips and the GPU.

4 syringe oven graphics card to artifacs

Put the card on the four pellets albal.

5 graphics card tray to the oven artifacs

Now we play the castanets until the oven is preheated, moment in which we introduce the tray in the oven for 8 minutes.
Once this happened this time turn off the oven and open the door, 10 minutes after we took the tray and leave it to the card until you aerated at room temperature.

graphics card to artifacs oven

Once this cooled put it back into the laptop, do not forget to dress it with thermal paste.

graphics card to artifacs oven

The result you can see in the picture below.

7 Computer graphics card running the oven artifacs

I hope you liked the recipe, always remember that this recipe is only temporary and that you will remove the hunger to play for a few months so it's only for home and never in a professional caterers.

Dedicate this article to Wardog to which I laughed a lot reading your articles.
Also thank Oscar for removing and installing the portable.

The images were taken with Shutter and edited with Gimp.

One last clarification since several people have asked me about it, If you have to put a motherboard or a graphic card with plastic connectors in the oven, what you should do is cover them with aluminum foil in such a way that the shiny face is out so that they do not rise too high in temperature and do not melt don't worry they hold perfectly as we put the oven at a very low temperature.

And do not forget to improve cooling as much as possible for the problem to recur as late as possible, utilizad quality thermal paste and amend for ventilation with a refrijeradora base if it is a laptop or a good heatsink and fans if a desktop.

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  1. What a great article I learned a lot.
    I have a question about it:
    I gave a plate which gives artifacts only when running games and possess a heat gun q reaches some 350 degrees.
    If I give heat for 8 only minutes to the memory of the board may fix the error?
    I should line the video board with foil and leave free only the memories of the plate for warmth?
    Q Better oven heat gun?
    I hope I do not bother much and thanks for the article gave me many ideas.
    Voy a seguirte learn asi voy below aprendiendo of you.


    1. I believe that 350 many degrees if you have a das 200 aluminum caps and the rest might work but you might get will release the chip that blows air gun and the move might. If you try me you discuss how you see the fue.

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