RIP Cisco Fácil, learn how to configure the protocol. (Part 2)

Routing Using RIP version 2 en Cisco
(Part 2)

In this article we continue with the presentation of a simple way to configure Routing in an environment of Cisco technologies RIP.

Routing Using RIP version 2 en Cisco (Part 1)

This time we had segmentaremos networks in previous examples subnets.
The aim is to analyze the behavior of the command network, to better understand the protocol settings.
(To calculate subnets, si no se os da bien, I suggest using this calculator)
In this case we chose the network and segmented into subnets 30 hardware (/27). They could have chosen otherwise for segmentation, for simplicity all networks are equally segmented.
The system is as in figure:
RIP cisco, red cisco, añadir red, router, protocolo RIP2
Perform configuration, in the router R2:

R2#configure terminal
R2(config)#router rip
R2(config-router)#version 2
R2(config-router)#no auto-summary

The command no auto-summary RIP prevents make an automatic network summary, if we do not, routers will not be able to know the subnets that mains. Thus we force them to publish as subnets are.
In all three routers, the command for subnets is the same: network
RIP can not specify the subnet mask, thus always all the main network subnets are published, and provided all the interfaces with addresses that are activated in mains.
In this case we can see how in R1, with that single command, activate the f0 / 0 interfaces (it is on the network and f0 / 1 (it is on the network
Although we tried to put the command network, RIP only recognize the main network, we can check by looking in the configuration file, the running-config:

R2#show run

namely, that with network you can not avoid announcing RIP subnets not want to announce, or activate some other and other non-interfaces. This not only happens in the RIP Cisco, It is generic in this protocol.

Here You have the example to download. Realizado con Packet Tracer 6.

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